PCR Purification Kit

Norgen Biotek Corporation

For the rapid purification of amplified DNA products from PCR mixes






  • Purify amplified DNA ranging from 100 bp -15,000 bp in size
  • Fast and efficient spin column format
  • Available in a 50 prep size and a 250 prep size
  • Also available in 96 well format

PCR Purification Kit

This kit enables the rapid purification of amplified DNA products from PCR mixes. It is able to effectively remove PCR by-products including primers, dimers, enzymes, unincorporated nucleotides and mineral oil from the desired PCR product. The purified PCR products are fully compatible with restriction enzyme digestion, ligation into vectors, labeling, sequencing and more. This kit can also be used as an alternative to organic extraction and ethanol precipitation to clean up various enzymatic reactions.

The kit is also available in a 96-well format for high-throughput PCR purification. Purification with the 96-well plate can be performed using either a vacuum manifold or centrifugation.

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PCR Purification Kit
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