Cytoskeleton Inc

Cytoskeleton, Inc. is pleased to offer a wide range of kits and products for drug screening, signal transduction and cytoskeletal research. We specialise in the production of purified proteins and easy-to-use kits to study biochemical and cellular processes. Our kits are either made for smaller number of samples for use in basic research or small screens (Biochem Kits™) or in a high throughput scale for large screens (CytoDYNAMIX Screens™).

Because our scientists have many years of experience working in their respective areas of expertise, we are able to provide products of exceptionally high quality. Since the start in 1993 we have gained a reputation for producing quality products at a reasonable price. Indeed, our products have been used in many hundreds of scientific publications.

In addition to our existing products, we provide drug screening services for microtubules, tubulin and several other proteins in our product line.

Recent products

MKLP2 motor domain (human recombinant)

£376.74 / 527.44 Standard

Myosin S1 Fragment (Cardiac), Bovine cardiac - CS-MYS03

£258.30 / 361.62 Standard

Cytoplasmic Dynein Motor Protein

£414.54 / 580.36 Standard

RhoA / Rac1 / Cdc42 G-LISA Activation Assay Bundle 3 Kits (24 assays per kit)

£1,386.00 / 1,940.40 Standard

Dynein Motor (cytoplasmic) (porcine brain)

£573.30 / 802.62 Dry Ice

Human SOS1 Protein (Exchange Domain 564-1049)

£376.74£1,661.94 / 527.442,326.72 Standard

Anti-Acetyl Lysine Affinity Beads

£375.48 / 525.67 Standard

Heavy Meromyosin Protein (HMM Fragment)

£296.10 / 414.54 Standard

SiR-Tubulin Kit

£598.50 / 837.90 Standard

SiR-Actin Kit and SiR-Tubulin Kit

£919.80 / 1,287.72 Standard

GOBlot Western Blot Processor

£1,127.70 / 1,578.78 Standard

Acetyl Lysine Antibody Mouse Monoclonal

£80.64£293.58 / 112.90411.01 Standard

Anti-Phosphotyrosine Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

£79.38£364.14 / 111.13509.80 Standard

SUMO-2/3 Antibody Mouse Monoclonal (Clone 12F3)

£81.90£296.10 / 114.66414.54 Standard

SUMO-2/3 Antibody Mouse Monoclonal (Clone 11G2)

£81.90£296.10 / 114.66414.54 Standard

RhoA / Rac1 / Cdc42 Activation Assay Combo Biochem Kit (bead pull-down format) - 3 x 10 assays

£868.14 / 1,215.40 Standard

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