Xylyx Bio

Xylyx Bio tissue-specific ECM substrates contain the full milieu of proteins and growth factors present in the native environment of the cell type of interest.

Our products facilitate downstream clinical translation because they contain tissue-specific extracellular matrix from ethically-sourced healthy porcine or human tissues.

Xylyx Bio ECM substrates provide ideal conditions for maintaining cell phenotype, leading to enhanced in-vitro models and more accurate and physiologically relevant results.

Our tissue-specific ECM products demonstrate consistent composition profiles across different lots, resulting in standardized experiments and reproducible results.

Recent products

NativeCoat™ Cartilage ECM Coating

£80.00 / 112.00 Dry Ice

NativeCoat™ Colon ECM Coating

£80.00 / 112.00 Dry Ice

NativeCoat™ Blood Vessel ECM Coating

£80.00 / 112.00 Dry Ice

NativeCoat™ Bone ECM Coating

£80.00 / 112.00 Dry Ice

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