KOMABIOTECH, based in Seoul, Korea, manufactures and provides reagents and tools for life science research. The comprehensive product lines support applications in the study of all major life science research areas, including molecular biology, immunology, neuroscience, cell biology, proteomics and genomics research. Key products include electrophoresis systems & pre-cast gels, PCR amplification reagents,
nucleic acid purification kits, DNA methylation detection kit, recombinant proteins, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, ELISA kits for cytokines, immunoglobulins or viral antigens. Also, KOMA provides custom antibody production service as well. KOMABIOTECH will improve productivity and help you by providing a broad spectrum of reagents, kits, and technologies for life science research.

Recent products

Adiponectin, Anti-

£328.90 / 460.46 Koma Shipping

Adiponectin, Anti-Human

£245.70 / 343.98 Koma Shipping

Actin-beta, Anti-

£328.90 / 460.46 Koma Shipping

Actinin-alpha (EA-53) Anti-

£438.10 / 613.34 Koma Shipping

Activating Transcription Factor-2 (ATF-2) (Ser490/498) Anti-

£551.20 / 771.68 Koma Shipping

ADAM10, Anti-

£328.90 / 460.46 Koma Shipping

Actin, Muscle Specific (HHF35) Anti-

£208.00£434.20 / 291.20607.88 Koma Shipping

Actin, Pan (1A4+5C5) Anti-

£434.20 / 607.88 Koma Shipping

Actin, Sarcomeric (5C5) Anti-

£232.70£479.70 / 325.78671.58 Koma Shipping

6-His (HHHHHH) Anti-, HRP

£318.50 / 445.90 Koma Shipping

Actin, Alpha-Smooth Muscle (1A4) Anti-

£308.10£426.40 / 431.34596.96 Koma Shipping

6-His (HHHHHH) Anti-, Aff.pur

£254.80 / 356.72 Koma Shipping

6-His (HHHHHH) Anti-, Biotin

£282.10 / 394.94 Koma Shipping

6-His (HHHHHH) Anti-, FITC

£282.10 / 394.94 Koma Shipping

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