1000ul Blue Vertex Value Pipette Tips (Bagged and Racked)

Scientific Specialties Inc

Vertex Value Pipette Tips are suitable for applications that do not require the ultra low retention properties of tips made with NoStick resin.

Universal Type fit to accommodate most pipettor brands.

Available in racks, reloads and bulk bagged.

Manufactured from virgin polypropylene to ensure purity and provide excellent optical clarity.

Certified free of detectable RNase/DNase, DNA, PCR Inhibitors and tested Pyrogen Free. Sterile product is certified pyrogen free.

4337-01  1000ul Blue Tips Bulk Bagged (1000 Tips Per Bag)

4337-01  1000ul Blue Tips Racked (40×96 Tips in Lift-Off Lid Racks)

4337-S1  1000ul Blue Tips Racked STERILE (40×96 in Lift-Off Lid Racks)

4336-01  1000ul Blue Tips Racked (50×100 Tips in Hinged Racks)

4336-S1  1000ul Blue Tips Racked STERILE (50×100 Tips in Hinged Racks)

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£24.00 / €33.60 4330-01 (1x1000 Blue Bagged)

£95.00 / €133.00 4330-01-5 (5x1000 Blue Bagged)

£185.00 / €259.00 4330-01-10 (10x1000 Blue Bagged)

£225.00 / €315.00 4337-01 (40x96 Blue Racked Lift-Off Lid)

£255.00 / €357.00 4337-S1 (40x96 Blue Racked Lift-Off Lid STERILE)

£225.00 / €315.00 4336-01 (50x100 Blue Racked Hinged-Lid)

£255.00 / €357.00 4336-S1 (50x100 Blue Racked Hinged-Lid STERILE)

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