200ul Natural MultiGuard NX Barrier Tips

Sorenson Bioscience Inc

MultiGuard Barrier Tips effectively block aerosols without the risk of contaminating your sample with additives.

(Note: These tips contain filters which do not contain a cellulose additive found in other manufacturers filter tips which is known to inhibit PCR).

Tip length is 59mm. Graduations at 10ul, 50ul and 100ul).  In Cell Racks.

Standard MultiGuard Barrier Tips Feature:

Small micron pore sizes <20 microns.

Tortuous pathway membrane that prevents aerosol penetration.

Thin membrane that allows for adequate air flow so accuracy and precision are not compromised.

Low Binding MultiGuard Barrier Tips Feature:

All the features of Standard MultiGuard Barrier Tips plus:

A Low Binding Surface that significantly reduces the amount of DNA and Protein bound to the tip plus minimizes liquid retention.

All MultiGuard Filter Tips are Certified RNase/DNase. Human DNA, Pyrogen and PCR Inhibitors Free. (Autoclavable).

These tips are suitable for use with most popular pipettors including Gilson P200, Eppendorf Research/Reference 200ul, Finnpipette 200ul, Oxford Benchmate 200ul and Socorex 200ul.

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10x96 Standard, Sterile

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10x96 Low Binding, Sterile

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