200ul Yellow Multi-Fit Tips

Sorenson Bioscience Inc

200ul Yellow Standard Multi-Fit Tips. Choose from a variety of packaging styles:

Bulk Bagged.

CellRacked (each tip fully enclosed in its own cell).

Tip Station (192 tips per deck (2×96 format), 5 decks per stack, 5 stacks per case (4800 tips)).

EcoStack (96 tips per deck, 5 decks per stack, 10 stacks per case (4800 tips).

QuickRack (packaging designed to quickly load tips into empty racks).

QuickShot (automatically loads tips into reuseable hinged racks).

All racked, quickrack and quickshot packaged tips are certified RNase/DNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen and PCR Inhibitors Free.

Shipping Standard

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1x1000 Bagged

£22.00 / €30.80 10580

10x1000 Bagged

£130.00 / €182.00 10590

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