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AnaSelect® for Broth is used to enrich anaerobes in broth culture. It can replace Thio broth used as back up culture for isolating anaerobes from specimens, but with improved results.

AnaSelect®  for Broth can be used with virtually any broth medium. We recommend BHI-HK, which is formulated for anaerobes. AnaSelect® Oxyrase for Broth is available in convenient dropper bottles in a six pack. It is also available in combination with BHI-HK tubes.

AnaSelect®  for Broth, used sequentially with an AnaSelect®  plate, provides a powerful method to isolate anaerobes from difficult specimens, where the anaerobe is present at low numbers relative to facultative microbes.

A multi-center, clinical study showed that anaerobes were isolated more readily and more frequently using AnaSelect®  for Broth.

OB-ANA-PK  AnaSelect for Broth, 1x10ml Dropper Bottle and BHI Broth, 2 Boxes of 10 Tubes, 5ml per Tube.= Kit.

OB-ANA-10  AnaSelect for Broth, 6x10ml Dropper Bottles per Kit.

BHI-HK  BHI Broth, 5ml per tube, 10 tubes per box. 5 Boxes per Kit.

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AnaSelect for Broth
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