anti-Bovine Osteocalcin, Immunohistochemical Grade

Biomedical Technologies Inc

Rabbits were immunized with bovine osteocalcin. The resulting whole serum is lyophilized from a solution containing 0.1% sodium azide.

The antibody is specific for the intact molecule with the recognition site at the carboxyl terminal. Anti-Osteocalcin detects human, bovine, elk and monkey osteocalcin. It does not cross-react with rat, mouse or chicken osteocalcin.

Cultured human osteoblasts (lightly fixed, 2% formaldehyde and permeabilized) have been labeled with anti-Osteocalcin (1:25 to 1:50) and FITC labeled. it is recommended that the effective dilution for your application be experimentally determined.

Store at 4C. Supplied lyophilized.

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