anti-Human LDL (Affinity Purified)

Biomedical Technologies Inc

Rabbits were immunized with human low density lipoprotein (prepared via ultracentrifugation). The antibody was purified from rabbit serum via affinity chromatography (LDL-Sepharose Column).

This product will bind to (react with) human LDL and VLDL but not HDL (determined via immunodiffusion and ELISA). The antibody exhibits slight reactivity with rabbit and rat LDL.

The antibody can be used to detect LDL and LDL binding sites by immunohistochemical methods. Other applications are ELISA and the indirect detection of LDL receptors (after ligand treatment) on Western Immunoblots. We suggest a working dilution range of 1:50 to 1:100. However, since the effective working dilution for each application varies with the system, the investigator should determine the optimal working dilution for his/her own application.

This product is provided aseptically packaged (0.22 micron filtered) and is stable at 5C for six months.

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