anti-Human Tamm Horsfall Glycoprotein (Uromodulin)

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BTI anti-Human Tamm-Horsfall Glycoprotein is prepared in rabbits using chromatographically pure THG. No significant cross-reactivity with urinary or other related proteins was detected. This antibody is suitable for Elisa assays (1:150,000 against solid phase antigen) and localization studies on cells and tissues (1:100 to 1:250).

Catalogue No :  BT-590
Quantity :  0.5ml

References :

1.  I. Tamm and F.L. Horsfall, Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. 74: 108-114  (1950).
2.  J. R. Hoyer, and M.W. Seiler, Kidney Int. 16: 279-289 (1979).
3.  Janssens, P.M.J. et al. Clinical Chemistry 38: 216-222 (1992).

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