anti-Non Muscle Myosin IIA

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Packaging: BTI rabbit, anti-Non Muscle Myosin IIA antibody is packaged in 0.5ml aliquots with 0.02% Sodium Azide added as preservative. The Rabbit IgG concentration is 8 mg/ml. 

Storage & Stability: Stable for one year at -80°C.  Refrigerated at 4°C it is stable for six months.  

PreparationRabbits were immunized with myosin II purified (95% SDS PAGE) from  macrophage-like J774 cells as described 1

Specificity: BTI anti-non muscle Myosin IIA binds the heavy chain, non-muscle myosin IIA in vertebrates (1).  It contains no detectable cross-reactivity with any other protein including the following:

Myosin II skeletal.

Myosin II-smooth muscle.

Myosin II-cardiac muscle.

Myosin IIB-non-muscle 2. 

Western Blots: Whole cell extracts (in ice) should be boiled in SDS sample buffer. Apply 10-25ug Protein to each lane of SDS acrylamide gels, electrophorese and transfer to nitrocellulose, incubate overnight at 10°C with this antibody (1:5000) in TBS with 1% BSA and then envisioned with GAR IgG HRP. Develop the blot using ECL. Expose for 15-60 seconds.

A complete protocol is available.

anti-Non Muscle Myosin IIA
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