Antibody Amplifier Fluorescence Platform

Stressmarq Biosciences

Product : Antibody AmplifierTM Fluorescence Platform (black)

Application : Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunofluorescence (IF), live and fixed cell techniques

Quantity : 12 watertight wells that each fit a standard microscope slide

Use/ Stability : Resistant to xylenes, ethanol, autoclavable; provides total darkness for IF

Storage : Room Temperature; shipped ambient

Product Description :

The Antibody Amplifier Eclipse™ is an apparatus for IHC and IF that utilizes a submersion method to saturate mounted tissue on slides with extremely diluted antibody. The Antibody Amplifier Eclipse™ rocks slides on a standard laboratory rocker during antibody incubation steps. It contains 12 watertight wells, each capable of holding a single standard microscope slide in 3 mls of reagent. It is covered with a snap-on lid. It is made of an ultra opaque high heat resistant plastic to provide absolute darkness for immunofluorescent techniques. It also overcomes the typical problems that occur in IHC and IF, mainly uneven staining, lack of reproducibility, and high antibody costs. The introduction of the patent-pending Antibody Amplifier Eclipse™ has revolutionized IHC by combining techniques used in western blotting and applying them to IHC and IF.

The benefits of the Antibody Amplifier Eclipse™ include :

1. Guaranteed even staining

– a result of innovative incubation methods

2. Reproducible results

– a result of even staining

3. Save money on antibody costs

-significantly increase antibody dilutions up to 1:5,000,000

-the convenience of freezing and reusing antibodies

Antibody Amplifier Eclipse™ boxes can be stacked on a rocker; they should be taped together for further stability.

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