Bed Bug NeckTie (Grape/Pillow White)


BEDBUGS are in the news these days.  If you’re lucky, that’s where they’ll stay!   Outbreaks of these little nibblers have been reported world wide, especially in hotel environments, with NYC taking top honors for hospitality.  Our design features subtle exoskels of the tiny nocturnal marauder accented by puffy little pillows.  Just a reminder…

A back-of-tie "Awareness Note" and a source citation are incorporated in the pattern design, which reads:

"BEDBUGS (Cimex lectularius) are blood-sucking and pesticide-resistant insects whose bites cause intense itching and welting capable of triggering allergic reactions. Nesting in mattress and bedding, bedbugs enjoy being close to humans and seem to prefer nice hotels."

Original images courtesy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA and other credentialed sources."

Bed Bug NeckTie (Grape/Pillow White)
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