Bovine (BFN), Human (HFN) and Rat Fibronectin

Biomedical Technologies Inc

Fibronectin is a major cell surface glycoprotein and is also present in blood plasma. Fibronectins are used to facilitate the attachment of cells to a variety of surfaces and to maintain cells in low serum conditions. Fibronectin from three different species are purified from plasma to 95% (5% SDS PAGE) and provided as a  lyophilized solid.The BTI Human Fibronectin EIA and Elisa Kits can effectively measure levels of human fibronectin to 50 nanograms per milliliter (Standards are available for other species, please inquire). 
*Bovine BT-226 5mg size

*HumanBT-225 1mg and 10x1mg sizes

*Rat BT-272 1mg size

*Membrane filtered and aseptically lyophilized.

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