Cell Lysis Reagent

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Cell Lysis Reagent

For the Lysis of Bacterial Cells and Extraction of Inclusion Body Proteins.

Cell Lysis Reagent is a proprietary solution of detergent, protease-inhibitor and buffer for the efficient lysis of bacterial cells and extraction of inclusion body proteins.

Cell lysis is accomplished through non-ionic detergent chemical disruption. Passing cells through a needle (not provided) assists in mechanical disruption and reduces viscosity, producing protein often >95% pure. Cell Lysis Reagent does not solubilize inclusion bodies.

Inclusion Bodies may be solubilized using Norgen’s Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent (available separately see product code 18700 or 18701). Also Available: Inclusion Body Isolation Kit see product code 10300, 10600 or 17700).

Cell Lysis Reagent
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