Human Ox-LDL (Hi-TBAR and Low TBAR)

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BTI Oxidized LDL is made via copper sulfate oxidation. Each lot is analyzed for the degree of oxidation (via TBARS assay) and migration versus the native LDL on agarose gel electrophoresis. The product is membrane filtered, aseptically packaged and Endotoxin tested. Our Ox-LDL is evaluated ultimately for receptor binding to peritoneal macrophages in conjunction with our [I125]Ox-LDL or DiI-Ox-LDL. We offer three different OxLDL products: BT-910, BT-910X, and BT-910L. The difference between these 3 products is the degree of Oxidation, which we analyze in a TBAR assay. Our BT-910 OxLDL is used by most researchers. There are some studies that may require the High TBAR product and some need a gentler oxidation product, Low TBAR OxLDL.

For further information refer to our short scientific overview, Oxidized LDL and Foam Cell Formation and the accompanying BTI Tech Note protocols that we hope will help further the understanding of the use of these complex OxLDL particles and explain the role they are playing in research laboratories.

BT-910X Ox-LDL Hi TBAR (50-70)  (2mg)

BT-910L Ox-LDL Low TBAR (5-12)  (3mg)

These Ox-LDL products have a short shelf life, plan your experiments accordingly.

Human Ox-LDL (Hi-TBAR and Low TBAR)
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