IsoFreeze PCR Colour Change Racks

Sorenson Bioscience Inc

Maintain a sample temperature of less than 4C for up to 4 hours (varies by model) when used at room temperature.

Colour change material enables you to see how cold your samples are at a glance.

Isofreeze colour change racks undergo a dramatic change to a contrasting colour at 7C.

IsoFreeze PCR Racks Tube and plate capacity :

qPCR : 64 x 0.1ml Corbett Rotor-Gene tubes, 16 x 0.2ml tubes or strips and 4 x 0.5ml tubes.

PCR : 96 x 0.1ml and 0.2ml tubes and strip tubes; plates up to 96-well.

Dimensions 141mm x 99mm x 44mm.

5660-TW qPCR Rack  Colour change Blue to White. Est. Time Below 4C  2.5 Hours.

5660-T4  PCR Rack   Colour change Purple to Pink. Est. Time Below 4C  3.0 Hours.

5660-T6  PCR Rack   Colour change Green to Yellow.  Est. Time Below 4C  3.0 Hours.

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£89.00 / €124.60 5660-TW (2 Racks) (Blue to White)

£355.00 / €497.00 5660-TW (10 Racks Blue to White)

£89.00 / €124.60 5640-T4 (2 Racks) (Purple to Pink)

£355.00 / €497.00 5640-T4 (10 Racks) (Purple to Pink)

£89.00 / €124.60 5640-T6 (2 Racks) (Green to Yellow)

£355.00 / €497.00 5640-T6 (10 Racks) (Green to Yellow)

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