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OxyFluor™ was formulated to meet the needs of microscopist who use fluoresent dyes.

Intense light, used to stimulate fluorescence in some dyes also produces oxygen free radicals. These oxygen free radicals quench fluorescence (photo bleaching) reducing intensity and duration of fluoresence, under some circumstances. Photo bleaching can significantly impact the quality of observation as well as the time of observation. Furthermore, oxygen free radicals interact with the biological materials under study and cause change. These changes may interfer with the biological function being studied.

The Oxyrase® Enzyme System in OxyFluor™ removes dissolved oxygen effectively and efficiently. This significantly reduces or eliminates the formation of oxygen free radicals under conditions employed for fluoresent microscopy. OxyFluor™ provides a protective effect for the biological material being studied.

There are no reports of Oxyrase® having an adverse effect on biological systems. Oxyrase® does not produce toxic compounds in the course of reducing oxygen to water.

OxyFluor™ has the same specifications as EC/NS-Oxyrase®.  Generally, OxyFluor™ is used at a 1:100 dilution. Lactate is a convenient substrate at 10 mM to 20 mM concentration.

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