Plasma/Serum Exosome Purification and RNA Isolation Mini Kit

Norgen Biotek Corporation

Purification and enrichment of intact plasma/serum exosomes for functional studies

  • Bind and elute all RNA irrespective of size or GC content, without bias
  • Isolate all sizes of exosomal and extracellular vesicle RNA, including microRNA​
  • Versatile plasma/serum input volume (50 µL – 1 mL)
  • No phenol extractions, Proteinase K treatment, nor carrier RNA required
  • No time-consuming ultracentrifugation, filtration nor special syringes required
  • No precipitation reagents, nor overnight incubation required
  • Compatible with plasma/serum from any species
  • Pure exosomes are purified and are free-from any other RNA-binding proteins
  • Plasma/Serum Exosome Purification and RNA Isolation Mini Kit

    Norgen’s Plasma/Serum Exosome and Free-Circulating RNA Isolation Mini Kit constitutes an all-in-one system for the purification of exosomes and the sequential isolation of exosomal RNA and free-circulating RNA from different plasma/serum sample volumes ranging from 50 µL to 1 mL. The purification is based on spin column chromatography that employs Norgen’s proprietary resin. The kit is designed to isolate all sizes of extracellular vesicle RNA, including microRNA. The kit provides a clear advantage over other available kits in that they do not require any special instrumentation, protein precipitation reagents, extension tubes, phenol/chloroform or protease treatments. Moreover, the kit allows the user to elute into a flexible elution volume ranging from 50 µL to 100 µL. The RNA isolated from the purified exosomes is free from any protein-bound circulating RNA and is of the highest integrity. The purified RNA can be used in a number of downstream applications including real time PCR, reverse transcription PCR, Northern blotting, RNase protection and primer extension, and expression array assays.


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