ProteoSpin CBED (Concentration, Buffer Exchange and Desalting) Maxi Kit (4 Samples)

Norgen Biotek Corporation

The ProteoSpin ™ CBED Maxi Kit provides a fast and simple procedure for concentrating large volumes of dilute protein solutions for buffer exchange, and for removing different types of salts from protein samples. The kit is based on spin-column chromatography using Norgen’s patented protein resin as an ion exchanger. Salts such as MgCl 2 , NaCl, KCl, CaCl 2 , LiCl, and CsCl have poor affinities for Norgen’s resin and are easily removed from the sample. The elution is performed with choices of several different buffer solutions .

Each spin column can process 0.25 mg – 8 mg of protein from up to 100 mL of solution. The kit contains complete solutions for the preparation of both acidic and basic proteins. The ProteoSpin ™ CBED Maxi Kit can be used to prepare protein samples for structural analysis when larger amounts of proteins are needed, such as x-ray crystallography , NMR spectroscopy and other applications.

ProteoSpin™ CBED (Concentration, Buffer Exchange and Desalting) Maxi Kit Benefits

  • Fast and easy processing – Efficiently process four samples in about 20 minutes using an easy-to-use protocol .
  • No mixing or formulation – Solutions and protocols are provided for both acidic and basic proteins with no need for formulation.
  • No molecular weight cutoff – Based on an ion exchange mechanism, a broad size range of proteins, from peptides to large proteins can be processed.
  • Proteins bind while salts are discarded in flowthrough – Norgen’s resin has an inherent low affinity for salt, but high affinity for proteins, providing salt removal and buffer exchange simultaneously.
  • Suitable for downstream applications – Final elution performed with volatile or non-volatile buffers suitable for:

• Mass Spectrometry
• Isoelectric Focusing
• X-ray Crystallography
• NMR Spectroscopy

ProteoSpin CBED (Concentration, Buffer Exchange and Desalting) Maxi Kit (4 Samples)
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