ProteoSpin Urine Protein Concentration Micro Kit (25 Samples)

Norgen Biotek Corporation

Urine protein analysis can be used for the identification of potential biomarkers in urine, and to diagnose and/or monitor renal and other diseases. Due to the fact that urine can be collected non-invasively in large amounts, it provides an attractive alternative to blood plasma as a potential source of disease biomarkers. The ProteoSpin ™ Urine Protein Concentration Micro Kit provides a fast and simple procedure for concentrating dilute solutions of urine proteins from small volumes of urine. The kit employs spin-column chromatography using Norgen’s proprietary protein resin as an ion exchanger.

Each spin column is able to concentrate and desalt up to 200 µg of urine proteins. The simultaneous removal of salts while concentrating a dilute urine protein solution makes the kit a convenient method for preparing urine proteins before running downstream proteomic applications including SDS-PAGE, 2D gels, whole protein mass spectrometry, and protein microarrays.

ProteoSpin™ Urine Protein Concentration Kit Benefits

  • Fast and easy processing – Efficiently process up to 12 samples in only 20 minutes using an easy-to-use protocol.
  • Complete Kit – All columns and solutions required are provided.
  • No molecular weight cutoff – Based on an ion exchange mechanism, a broad size range of proteins can be processed.
  • Proteins bind while salts are discarded in flowthrough – Norgen’s resin has an inherent low affinity for salt, but high affinity for proteins, providing salt removal and buffer exchange simultaneously.
  • Suitable for downstream applications – Final elution suitable for:

• 2D gel electrophoresis
• Whole protein mass spectrometry
• Protein microarrays


ProteoSpin Urine Protein Concentration Micro Kit Contents :

Each ProteoSpin™ Urine Protein Concentration Micro Kit provides essential components for use with the provided protocols.

  • pH Binding Buffer
  • Column Activation and Wash Buffer
  • Protease Inhibitor Mix
  • Stabilizer
  • Elution Buffer
  • Neutralizer
  • Micro Spin Columns
  • Elution Tubes
  • Short Protocol Card
  • Application Manual

ProteoSpin Urine Protein Concentration Micro Kit  (25 Samples)
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