Retroviral expression Vector-pMgCXL3

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pMgcxl3 Retroviral Expression Vector Mg™

For Accurate retroviral gene delivery and expression


pMgcxl3 is designed for retroviral gene delivery and expression, contains elements derived from Moloney murine leukemia virus/sarcoma (MoMuLV/SV).


pMgcxl3 includes the Col E1 origin of replication and E. coli Ampr gene for propagation and antibiotic selection in bacteria. The 5′ viral LTR in this vector contains viral promoter/enhancer sequences that control expression of the neomycin resistance (Neo) gene for antibiotic selection in eukaryotic cells. A gene of interest can be cloned into the multiple cloning site and is expressed from the strong CMV promoter; puromycin can be used for antibiotic selection.

Intended Use:

Upon transfection into a packaging cell line, pMgcxl3 can transiently express, or integrate and stably express, a transcript containing + (the extended viral packaging signal) a selectable marker, and the gene of interest. pMgcxl3 does not contain the structural genes (gag, pol, and env) necessary for particle formation and replication. Retroviral particles can infect target packaging cells and transmit the gene of interest (which is cloned between the viral LTR sequences), but cannot replicate within these cells since the cells lack the viral structural genes.

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