Stabilized Fibronectin

Biomedical Technologies Inc

Biomedical Technologies Inc has developed stabilized fibronectin solutions.  Many lyophilized fibronectin preparations are difficult  to solubilize (recoveries are only 85-95% at best) and after solubilization these preparations tend to aggregate and precipitate on standing.  The BTI Fibronectin Solutions are completely solubilized and are stabilized to prevent precipitation.  They retain full biological activity and are stable for 9 months stored at 4oC.  The BTI Fibronectin Solutions are convenient for tissue culture and can be used whenever accurately known quantities of fibronectin are necessary. Human, Bovine and Rat Fibronectin Solutions are available at 1mg/ml, packaged aseptically following membrane filtration.

Human Fibronectin, Stabilized
Catalog No:  BT-225S  1mg and 10x1mg

Bovine Fibronectin, Stabilized
Catalog No:  BT-226S  5mg

Rat Fibronectin, Stabilized
Catalog No:  BT-272S  1mg

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5mg Bovine

£165.00 / €231.00 BT-226S

1mg Human

£85.00 / €119.00 BT-225S

10x1mg Human

£375.00 / €525.00 BT-225S-10

1mg Rat

£195.00 / €273.00 BT-272S

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