Visfatin, human recombinant protein


Short Summary : Visfatin, expressed in E. coli, suitable for cell culture.

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Storage : Store at -20°C

Description : Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (also known as PBEF1 or visfatin) is an enzyme that is encoded by the PBEF1 gene in humans. This protein has also been reported as a cytokine (PBEF) which promotes B cell maturation and inhibits neutrophil apoptosis. This protein is an adipokine that is localized to the bloodstream and has lots of functions, including inhibition of neutrophil apoptosis and the promotion of vascular smooth muscle cell maturation. It also has insulin-mimetic effects, improving insulin sensitivity and lowering blood glucose. This protein is highly expressed in visceral fat and serum levels of the protein correlate with obesity.

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