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Arbor Assays 

Arbor Assays have their new 2015 - 2016 product catalogue available. For your copy contact us.


Bioquote Limited will be Exhibiting at the following Meetings:

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AbMole catalogue

The professional high performance kinase inhibitors supplier

CHI Scientific

CHI Scientific catalogue

Primary Cells, Cell Culture and Tissue Culture Bioproducts.


TOKU-E catalogue


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Creative Diagnostics

Creative Diagnostics catalogue

Antibodies, viral antigens, innovative diagnostic components.

Selleckchem Inc

Selleckchem Inc catalogue

Bioactive Compounds.

ArborAssays Inc

ArborAssays Inc catalogue

New 2015 - 2016 Product Catalogue Available- Call for Your Copy! Immunoassay and enzyme activity kits

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Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene catalogue

Creative Biogene provides kits, reagents, and services that help researchers explore questions about gene discovery, regulation, and function.

Creative Biomart

Creative Biomart catalogue

Creative Biomart provides quality recombinant proteins, diagnostic antibodies and antigens , diagnostic enzymes and pharmaceutical enzymes to the research community.


ArticZymes catalogue

ArcticZymes has a rich history in the ability to leverage its access to the marine Arctic; identify novel cold-adapted enzymes for us in molecular research and diagnostics, manufacture, and commercialize our enzyme portfolio.

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r-biopharm catalogue

Enzymatic BioAnalysis and Food Analysis


ApexBio catalogue

A premier provider of Peptides and lab reagents for biological research

Biomatik LLC

Biomatik LLC catalogue

Biomatik is a leading supplier of highly competitive research products and custom services. Your one stop quality source for Bio-Reagents, Gene Synthesis, Peptide Synthesis, Custom Protein and Antibody Production Services.

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Adooq Bioscience

Adooq Bioscience catalogue

AdooQ BioScience is a supplier of biochemicals located in irvine, CA since 2006. In past five years, we have been a renowned name engaged in manufacturing and supplying small molecule inhibitors including kinase inhibitors.

Krishgen Biosystems

Krishgen Biosystems catalogue

Molecular Biology Reagents
Cells, Medias and other Culture Reagents
Glycobiology Tools
Toxicology Screening Reagents

Biomedical Technologies Inc

Biomedical Technologies Inc catalogue

Cell Growth Factors & Attachment Factors, Immunoassay Kits, Cell Culture Additives & Components,
Lipoproteins/Proteins, Antibodies

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Bertin Pharma (formerly SPI Bio)

Bertin Pharma (formerly SPI Bio) catalogue

Bertin Pharma develops, manufactures and markets EIA kits (based on a patented technology) for xenobiotics & biomarkers. This results from a close and long-term co-operation with the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) since 1991.

3D Biomatrix

3D Biomatrix catalogue

3D Biomatrix provides three dimensional (3D) cell culture plates and scaffolds (matrices).


Solulink catalogue

Antibody/Protein Labeling Kits and Reagents

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Stressmarq Biosciences

Stressmarq Biosciences catalogue

Research Reagents for Heat Shock, Cellular Stress, Phosphorylation, Cell Signaling and Apoptosis.


Komabiotech catalogue

Cytokine ELISA, Immunoglobulin ELISA, Antibodies & Proteins, Electrophoresis, PCR Reagents, Fluorescent Probes.

Cytoskeleton Inc

Cytoskeleton Inc catalogue

A wide range of products for Actin and Tubulin research, and also associated products, G-proteins and regulatory proteins

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Bioquote Limited

Bioquote Limited catalogue

Plastic Products for the widest range of Pipette Tips, Filtered Pipette Tips, Gel-Loading Pipette Tips, Centrifuge Tubes, Racks, Storage Boxes and Associated products.

Sorenson Bioscience Inc

Sorenson Bioscience Inc catalogue

Quality research-grade medical plastic products

Norgen Biotek Corporation

Norgen Biotek Corporation catalogue

DNA and RNA Purification Kits, Molecular Weight Markers and Preparative DNA Chromatography Columns

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Mgenex Biosciences

Mgenex Biosciences catalogue

Mgenex Biosciences is a leading provider of a broad spectrum of innovative products including Elisa kits, phospho antibodies, mammalian expression systems, baculovirus expression, and products for microarray.

Pro Sci

Pro Sci catalogue

Affinity-purified, peptide-specific polyclonal antibodies. Custom monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies. Cell lysates, tissue lysates, secondary antibodies, custom immunoblots (western blots), recombinant proteins, cell slides, tissue slides, an


iAwareables catalogue

Unique science-based ties, scarves and gifts

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Signet Pathology Systems

Signet Pathology Systems catalogue

Primary antibodies against: Breast Cancer Markers; Cell Cycle Antigens; Cellular and Oncofetal Antigens; Endocrine Antigens; Enzyme Antigens; Hematopoietic Markers; Immunoglobulins; Infectious Agents; Intermediate Filaments; Melanoma Panel; MDR Markers; N

Jena Bioscience GmbH

Jena Bioscience GmbH catalogue

Nucleotide Analogues, Enzymes & Recombinant Proteins, Affinity, and Chromatography

Globozymes Inc

Globozymes Inc catalogue

Substrates, Protein Phosphatases, Protein Kinase, Assay Kits, Modulator Proteins, Initiation Factors and Antibodies

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Genesis Biotech Inc

Genesis Biotech Inc catalogue

Tumor and metastasis, Growth Factor, G-protein coupled receptor, Signal Transduction, SARS, Human Diseases, Animal Diseases, Plant, Oxidative Stress, Tag, Cytokine protein, Cancer, Serum protein and miscellaneous.


Labfrontier catalogue

ROS Signalling and Neuroscience.


Celprogen catalogue

CELPROGEN is a biotechnology company developing stem cell research and therapeutics products for regenerative medicine in cardiology, oncology, diabetes & neurology.

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Micron Separations Inc

Micron Separations Inc catalogue

for Filters, Filter Devices and accessories.

Viagen Biotech Inc

Viagen Biotech Inc catalogue

DirectPCR DNA Extraction Reagents
(Genotyping without DNA Isolation)

BioAssayWorks LLC

BioAssayWorks LLC catalogue

BioAssay Works researches, develops, markets and sells innovative and proprietary colloidal gold (nanoparticle gold) products and related immunodetection products and services.

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Kamiya Biomedical Inc

Kamiya Biomedical Inc catalogue

KAMIYA's product lines include over 1500 different products including, human biomarker assays, enzyme inhibitors, enzyme substrates, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and small molecules for research in apoptosis, multidrug resistance,

Crystalgen Inc

Crystalgen Inc catalogue

Products for Crystallography, Lab Supplies and Bioreagents.


Abbiotec  catalogue

Antibodies, Peptides and Protein Delivery Reagents.

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MiTeGen Inc

MiTeGen Inc catalogue

MiTeGen-Microtechnologies for Structural Genomics.
Your Source for MicroMount Sample Mounting Technology.

Cellular Engineering Technologies Inc

Cellular Engineering Technologies Inc catalogue

Cellular Engineering Technologies (CET) is a biotechnology company specializing in stem cell research, cancer biology and high throughput sensor fabrication. Our goal is to develop novel technologies to expedite drug discovery and screening processes.

Prospec - Tany TechnoGene Ltd

Prospec - Tany TechnoGene Ltd catalogue

highly purified proteins for cancer, apoptosis, development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, proteases and stem cell research.

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Microlytic Inc

Microlytic Inc catalogue

Microlytic's Crystal Former is designed for straightforward crystal growth. Crystals grown using the Crystal Former can be extracted from the chip and immediately investigated by X-ray diffraction.

BPS Bioscience Inc

BPS Bioscience Inc catalogue

BPS Bioscience Inc. is a rapidly growing company and are the leading provider for Kinases, Phosphodiesterases, phosphatases and HDACs.

Lumigen Inc

Lumigen Inc catalogue

The world's largest supplier of chemiluminescent reagents to the clinical immunodiagnostics market.

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NanoHelix Co. Ltd

NanoHelix Co. Ltd catalogue

DNA/RNA Amplification, DNA/RNA Purification, Molecular Biology Reagents, DNA Sequencing Related Products and Protein Purification Products.

Immunospec Corporation

Immunospec Corporation catalogue

over 300 immunodiagnostic products in the high specialized lines of Autoimmune diseases, Infectious Disease, Tumor markers, drug of Abuse, Steroids, Fertility, Parasitology, Allergy, Cardiac, Neonatal, Thyroid, Growth Hormones & Human Pancreatic Diseases.

BioCellChallenge SAS

BioCellChallenge SAS catalogue

BioCellChallenge is a company specialized in intracellular delivery systems. Products include : GeneCellin, ImmunoCellin and RiboCellin.

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Teknova Inc

Teknova Inc catalogue

Teknova Inc Molecular Biology Media including buffers and
reagents, electrophoresis products, pre-poured plates, dry and liquid culture media and media supplements.

bioWorld Inc

bioWorld Inc catalogue

bioAffinity reagents for protein purification and proteomics research. Also a large array of recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides.

Michigan Diagnostics

Michigan Diagnostics catalogue

Substrates and Detection Reagents

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ClaremontBio catalogue

Products for Cell Lysis and DNA Extraction. Products for Protein Purification.

Emerald Bio

Emerald Bio catalogue

Reagent kits, stock solutions, proteins, and accessories for protein researchers.

Oxyrase Inc

Oxyrase Inc catalogue

Oxyrase® is an enzyme system that naturally, selectively, and efficiently removes oxygen from its environment.

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Cusabio catalogue

CUSABIO is a leading biotechnology company specialized in production of high quality products for gene, protein, antibody, ELISA kit, raw material for production of diagnostic kit, drug residues, food safety small molecules & other small molecules.

Visual Protein

Visual Protein catalogue

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